Standard Lease Options

We provide railcar lease, finance, and service solutions tailored to your specific transportation needs.

Full Service Lease

Our Full Service Lease (also known as Operating Lease) is our most comprehensive lease program. It is typically set up with a regular monthly rental rate and a flexible lease term.

  • Supply and use of your railcars

  • Maintenance and repair services to support optimal utilization of the railcar

  • Administration services that enable unencumbered use of the railcar by accounting for government agency and industry requirements such as property tax, car registration/Umler, railroad damage claims, etc.

Net Lease

  • Supply and use of your railcars

  • Typically, there is a regular monthly rental rate and lease term structured to fit your business needs

  • Maintenance/repair and administrative services are your (lessee’s) responsibility; however, we may be able to provide separate services for a management/service fee

Other Railcar Financing Options

If you own railcars or have the right to purchase some of your railcars, our railcar fleet purchase and leaseback can help free up cash and increase financial flexibility.

Railcar fleet purchase and leaseback options can:

  • Free up cash with the sale of your rail assets

  • Establish a new structure that addresses cash flow and other financial considerations

We will work with you to find the best solution for your business. Those options may include:

  • Purchasing your railcars and leasing them back to you

  • Finding a third-party purchaser and leasing you new cars

  • Purchasing your railcars and remarketing them elsewhere

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