Suitable for carrying dry bulk commodities such as

  • Clay
  • Dry Chemicals
  • Grain Mill Products

  • Non-metallic Minerals


Small cube PD’s of 3,230 cubic feet of capacity for denser products, such as cement and clay.

Large cube PD’s range from 5,000 to 5,750 cubic feet for lighter products, such as flour and starch.

Gross Rail Weight Limit

Cars built for gross rail load requirements of 263,000 lbs. or 286,000 lbs.


Unloading System: Closed-loop system designed to provide quick unloading of fine, dry products where flow characteristics are aided by regulated air pressure.

Loading Hatch Covers: Atmosphere-tight covers with round hatches.

Interior Linings: Cars can be interior lined with a variety of coatings suitable for food-grade service or other product-driven requirements.

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