Suitable for carrying dry bulk commodities such as

  • Animal Feed
  • Construction
  • Grain Mill Products

  • Sand-Industrial


Small cube covered hopper railcars range from 2,970 to 3,281 cubic feet used for denser products, such as sand and cement.

Medium cube covered hopper railcars range from 4,750 to 5,400 cubic feet used for less dense products, such as grains and dry chemicals.

Large cube covered hopper railcars range from 5,700 to 6,351 cubic feet used for some of your lightest products, such as dry distiller grains (DDGs).

Gross Rail Weight Limit

Cars built for gross rail load requirements of 263,000 lbs. or 286,000 lbs.


Unloading Outlet Gates: Gravity discharge gates for free-flowing products and pneumatic or combination gravity/pneumatic discharge gates for products with slower flow characteristics, that would realize improved unloading with the use of regulated air pressure.

Loading Hatch Covers: Trough, round, or hatch in hatch covers are available.

Interior Linings: Cars can be interior lined with a variety of coatings suitable for a wide range of technical or food grade products.

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